ESR 3 Berke Gurkan


The Role of IRAK-M in sepsis induced immunosuppression





Short CV

I received my MSc. degree in 2015. During my masters I worked under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Halil Kavakli at Koc University, where I focused on understanding the effects of SNPs of core clock proteins such as BMAL1, CLOCK, PER2 and CRY1 in order to figure out how their interactions and structure functions influence the stability of circadian rhythm in humans. After my masters I started my PhD at Academisch Medisch Centrum, University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Cornelis van `t Veer. My project is based on understanding the structure function of IRAK-M in humans, the role IRAK-M plays in sepsis induced immunosuppression and the possibility of using IRAK-M both as a bio-marker and a therapeutic target for future septic patients.