Irene and Charlotte gave an interview to CHUV and UNIL about sepsis and their presentation in Brussel (see below). To see, follow this link.

  • The public awareness and knowledge of sepsis is low. In an international survey (Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, France and the United States), only 12 percent of the public had heard of sepsis and few knew it is a leading cause of death. Early diagnosing of sepsis is lifesaving. Poor public awareness leads to prehospital delay increasing the risk of a bad outcome. To increase public awareness, we would like to focus our stand on the definition and recognition of sepsis in a fun and interactive way.

Therefore, two of our fellows are present on the EU Science is wonderful expo! with a stand on sepsis and sepsis research. 

They have the following items (in French and Dutch!)

– The big sepsis game, with questions on sepsis and infections). 

Movies on sepsis and research 

– Posters on their research (“From mice to clinic: MDSCs as a marker for diagnosis of sepsis”)

– Information posters on sepsis (together with the global sepsis alliance)

– An interactive poster (on tablets) about sepsis and sepsis research. 


  • A beautiful video was made on sepsis, to which the AMC (amongst which our fellow Harjeet Singh Virk) contributed:

          You can watch it here


  • Check out our Fantastic group of ESRs on World Sepsis day!!!

          Here they are

  • And a video on what sepsis actually is:  Here
  • The “Sepsis Lotgenoten Dag” (A day especially for people who have suffered from Sepsis, so they can share their experiences) is planned the 29th of September 2018! 10.30 -14.00 uur, Velp, The Netherlands.

          (click on the icon to go to the website (in Dutch!)


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