ttopstart is a European science and business consulting company specialised in technology transfer (hence the double t in ttopstart). ttopstart serves leading researchers and innovative companies in the fields of life sciences, medical technology and health with market research, business development and financing. The firms driver is the contribution to development of innovations that can strongly advance healthcare, such as diagnostics and treatments for a wide range of diseases with unmet medical needs as well as new healthcare delivery models. The company has access to different commercial and scientific databases for market analysis and strategic business development and has a strong European network in science and business. The company has different courses and in-house training programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

Involved researcher:

Jochem Bossenbroek MSc. Partner ttopstart
Co-founder and co-owner of ttopstart. Bachelor Life Science & Technology at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. Master in Management & Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences at VU University Amsterdam. Contributed to the start of over 10 spin-off companies in the life sciences.