Genomatix Software – Next-generation sequencing for personalized medicine program

Genomatix is one of the world’s leading suppliers of technologies to analyze and interpret genomic data. As well as laying the groundwork for microarray experiments and NGS data sequencing analyses, our hardware and software solutions also help to answer the typical questions posed by systems biology. Our approach: combine multiple lines of evidence to perform an integrated meta-analysis. Instead of looking at single strands of information separately, we access a large pool of data (curated and raw) from various sources which we continually keep up to date. This meta-analysis combined with our extensive biological background data leads to more relevant results, more precise scientific data interpretation and a better chance of understanding molecular contexts and mechanisms. Key Research facilities, infrastructure and equipment, include next Generation Sequencing data analysis, expression profiles, sequence and promoter analysis, proprietary genome annotation, Comparative genomics and the Genomatix Mining Station for mapping DNA methylation.

Involved researcher:

Martin Seifert (PhD) is a biologist and Managing Director of Genomatix.
His expertise is in chromatin IP, transcriptome analysis and nuclear receptors. His research focus within Genomatix is the development of efficient data analysis instruments for microarray and next generation sequencing data.