Luminex corp

Luminex Corporation (NASDAQ: LMNX) was incorporated in May 1995 and began commercial production of its first generation system in 1997. Luminex  develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the diagnostic and life science industries. The company’s open-architecture xMAP® and xTAG® Technologies enable large numbers of biological tests (bioassays) to be conducted and analyzed quickly, cost-effectively and accurately.  Systems using xMAP technology perform discrete bioassays on the surface of color-coded beads known as microspheres, which are then read in a compact analyzer.

Involved researcher:

Jan van Gils BASc. Director Sales & Marketing Technology & Strategic Partnerships, Luminex Europe, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Former positions include Director , Sales and Marketing EMEA and India, Luminex Corporation and Director Technology and Strategic Partnerships EMEA and India, Luminex Corporation.