Involved partners: Lead Beneficiary: Academic medical centre Amsterdam (AMC)

Other participants: all, TTOP


The Workpackage objectives are:

a) To establish and maintain a transparent and effective management framework that will support the project governing structure and activities

b) To monitor progress of the ESRs, tasks and obtained results within the defined time and budget plan and taking actions pro-actively when required

c) To guarantee compliance with the Consortium Grant Agreement

d) To ensure optimal awareness and exploitation of the project results

The Projects:

Task 5.1: Project coordination and governance:
This task comprises the setup of all bodies of the management structure, including Supervisory Board, Management Team, Graduate School, Advisory Board, Board of Fellows and WPLs. Furthermore, coordination involves the organization of (network) meetings, the preparation and follow-up by editing documents in support of the meetings, writing minutes and circulating information to members.

Task 5.2: Establishing consortium communication tools:
A secured collaboration portal will be set up, which will be designed specifically to optimize communication between the consortium partners. The portal will also be used as a site to distribute documents of general use to the consortium.

Task 5.3: Dissemination and exploitation:
Throughout the project upon achievement of particular outcomes, deliverables or milestones, publications of results will be issued.

Task 5.4: IP protection and exploitation of consortium results:
All results obtained within the consortium will be carefully evaluated and protected before any public dissemination. The consortium partners will share access to knowledge generated during the project according to the fundamental intellectual property rules as defined in the grant agreement.

Task 5.5: Reporting
The EC requires regular reporting on the deliverables as well as annual financial and technical progress reports. In close collaboration with the WP leaders reports will be prepared for each deliverable for submission to the EC. Financial reporting comprises preparing and sending financial reports to the EC. Yearly, a technical report will be prepared including a publishable summary of the progress of work towards the objectives of the project, achievements and attainment of any milestones and deliverables.